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Was ist SIOSIC® ?

SIOSIC® is an inorganically bound silicon carbide.

The high-temperature wear-protection SIOSIC® is made up of 35 % silicatic binder and 65% chemically purified silicon carbide. The high share of silicon carbide makes it almost as hard as diamond and therefore extremely wear-resistant. SIOSIC® polymerises by addition of water and binding of the atmospheric CO2 in a silicon carbide-SiO2-grid.

The pasty and cold-curing SIOSIC® can be used in the high-temperature range for rebuilding abraded areas anew or as preventive coatings for surfaces exposed to abrasion and / or corrosion in the pH range 0-14. 

The temperature resilience of SIOSIC® is at 700 °C wet and 900 °C dry stress. SIOSIC® shows a high resilience to concentrated inorganic acids (e.g. nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid, phosphoric acid, etc.) and organic acids and solvents in the pH-range of 0-14.

SIOSIC® is solvent- and VOC-free.

Areas of use for this wear protection include, among others, flue gas entry areas, afterburners, furnaces, boilers, combustion facilities, air pre-heaters, heat exchangers, pump parts and pipes.

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